About Us

Pension Fund Partners is an independent retirement fund consulting and project management financial services provider. We’re not answerable to shareholders, and we are free to always put your interests first.

We are also a Level 2 B-BBEE 51% black-owned business, which translates to 125% procurement recognition.

We are entirely agnostic when it comes to selecting providers, and we don’t earn fees from them. That means that you can rely on us to provide impartial judgement.

We have a total focus on customer service and to finding the solutions that best meet the needs of your business.

We take a strategic approach (over both the short- and long-term) to retirement fund consulting and project management. We take a long-term view whilst keeping our finger firmly on the pulse of current events and trends that could affect your company’s retirement fund.

Having taken the time to understand the needs of your company’s retirement fund, we will design a bespoke strategy and select the fund providers whose products and approach we judge to be best able to implement it successfully.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards when it comes to advising on retirement fund management. Our transparent approach is reflected in the way we constantly communicate and update you on our recommendations, along with advice on the likely impact.

We try to avoid industry jargon and always explain the rationale behind the advice we give.

To learn more about how we could transform your relationship with your corporate retirement fund, contact Pension Fund Providers today.