Pension Fund Partners offers a comprehensive portfolio of corporate retirement fund and project management consulting services.

Benefit consultant & secretarial services

Corporate retirement fund management entails significant duties and responsibilities. We provide the resources you need to ensure full compliance with all regulations, including producing meeting agendas and minutes.

Project Management

Pension Fund Partners ensures that all fund project deadlines are met. By taking ownership of annual and ad hoc projects (while you retain full oversight) we can help streamlines processes and reporting structures.

Fund Management

Just like any complex piece of machinery, a corporate retirement fund has many components that must work together to deliver results. This includes the appointment of administrators, investment managers and auditors. Pension Fund Partners provides a holistic fund management service that addresses all these issues, and more.


Corporate retirement funds are surrounded by significant red tape – this is a heavily legislated area and it is vital that all regulations are adhered to. Our years of experience mean that we’re fully up-to-speed with all requirements and can keep your fund 100% compliant at all times.

Member Education

We empower your retirement fund members and assist them in making retirement decisions by providing clear, timely, and accurate information on the performance of your company’s retirement fund, and what this means for them as current or former employees.